How I make my Aeropress coffee

I’m not a coffee professional, the way I explain how I use my Aeropress is more in line with how someone from a small town will give directions “take a left at the old gas station”.

Enjoy anyways!

  1. Start with boiling the water, it will usually be done by the time you do the other stuff. I boil to anywhere between 200-210 degrees Fahrenheit. I’m sure that’s a big difference, but I can’t taste the difference and some days I’m not patient enough to wait for it to get hotter.
  2. Weigh the beans. 16 grams of good coffee is my sweet spot.  I use mistobox to get some delicious beans every couple weeks. The link is a promo code for both of us to get $10 off.00000PORTRAIT_00000_BURST20180219083635408.jpg
  3. Grind the beans. Today I was using this grinder and I put the dial as shown in the photo. I don’t know if that’s where the coffee folks would say to put it, but it always seems to come out tasty for me when I do it there. 00000PORTRAIT_00000_BURST20180219083700709.jpg
  4. I go back and forth on this, but today I put the cap & filter on the Aeropress first and then flipped it on to my cup. Then I put in the beans and filled the water to the 4 line and stirred (when you stir some will go into the cup). 00000PORTRAIT_00000_BURST20180219083942662.jpg
  5. Then I put on this part to give it a seal for about 30 seconds. I then take it off (I got tired of taking photos, so no photo of me taking this off) and give it one more stir, before I plunge it all the way down to let out the coffee. 00100dPORTRAIT_00100_BURST20180219084005249_COVER.jpg
  6. My last step is that I add a little bit of the hot water to the coffee, otherwise I think it’s too strong. 00000PORTRAIT_00000_BURST20180219084158358.jpg