Side Mirror Replacement [Finally]

I *FINALLY* replaced my driver side mirror on my car today.

About 3 or 4 years ago, I went on a trip to Jamaica and when I got back home, my car (which was in the garage the whole trip) somehow managed to have the driver side mirror explode. I kept pushing off replacing it and then I got used to seeing out of it with it cracked that I just didn’t care enough to spend the money.

Fast forward to now, my friend Mike is staying with me while he is in town and using my car, so I thought I’d just see how much it would cost to have it replaced. Only $30 on amazon! I thought it was going to be a ton more, so I probably would have replaced it years ago had I known that.

Shout out to my Dad for his help (doing all the work) on getting it done.


Moving some friends

Spent yesterday morning moving my friends, The Hurds to their new home. I think it’s going to be an awesome place for them and for their friends and family to hang out in. The move went well, it started to snow about half way in from the condo we were moving them from, but by that time after going up and down stairs, the snow was a welcome coldness to cool down.



The kids liked looking into the kitchen from the addition on the house.

Not pictured: 75% of the folks that helped move them.

In my One Year Bible reading plan this morning I came across Proverbs 8:19

My gifts are better than gold, even the purest gold, my wages better than sterling silver!

I then came across this when googling some commentary on it that I thought was encouraging:

Seek him early, seek him earnestly, seek him before any thing else. Christ never said, Seek in vain.

Bookshelf update

I updated the bookshelf section of my blog. Instead of typing the book I have completed, I am now putting a photo of the book cover along with the date I finished reading the book. It was pretty easy to get it all set up.

I went to my Goodreads profile, found the books I read, copied the image of the book, went back to my blog and pasted the image. It couldn’t have been easier.

I think it looks better this way.

Quick thoughts on working remote

I am working remote today.

Some things I enjoy about the option to work remote:

  1. Focused work. I talk a ton at work and get side tracked with all my friends there either stopping by my desk or going to them.
  2. Coffee. I can use all the coffee options I have at my house.
  3. Plants. I have a couple plants at my setup at home, I’ve tried having them at work but they always seem to die 😦
  4. Not rushed. This morning I still did my morning routine, but also met a friend for coffee. Since I didn’t have to be in the office, I didn’t have to rush taking a shower to make it on time to get coffee, I was able to do that later in the morning when I had a break from work.
  5. Music. I can play songs on my Echo, currently enjoying the band Anchor Worship
  6. Food. I am able to make my lunch without having it get cold. I just made this #nom sandwich of chicken, tomato, avocado and egg.


It doesn’t take a lot to keep me happy. Thankful for this day to work remote.





Centerville with Dad and Grandma

I thought it would be fun to take my Grandma on a little road trip and I really enjoyed the pizza from George & Nick’s the other night, so I had my Dad meet up at my Grandma’s house this afternoon and then we all rode about 2 hours to Centerville, Iowa.


My Grandma is so funny, here were my favorite things she said:

“I hate the new headlights on cars these days, I really think the State Troopers should pull them over and just shoot out their lights and then give them a ticket!”

“When I am driving your Grandpa will say ‘how fast are you going?!’ When he’s driving I will say how slow are you going?!”

“I wish they’d just get rid of the internet. Did I say that right? Do they call it that still?”

“When you get to be my age, you don’t like to drive at night (starts laughing) and the rest of the people probably appreciate that!”

“Ryan, if you get pulled over for speeding just tell the State Trooper that you are taking your poor Grandma to the hospital and then I will act hurt” (she pretends to pass out for added fun)

I am so lucky to have her around!