Easter Trip

Made a quick Easter trip down to Las Vegas to visit my Uncle Jon and Aunt Miyuki.

Woke up early Saturday to fly through Utah and get there about 10 am. We stopped by a car show and then drove down to Death Valley.

Sunday, we enjoyed a buffet at one of the casinos on the strip before heading to the Grand Canyon.

Monday, Jon and I hiked about 4 hours near their house at Turtle Peak.

Tuesday – we stopped by Lake Mead, but didn’t end up going to see it since traffic was pretty packed and I had a flight to catch.


Centerville with Dad and Grandma

I thought it would be fun to take my Grandma on a little road trip and I really enjoyed the pizza from George & Nick’s the other night, so I had my Dad meet up at my Grandma’s house this afternoon and then we all rode about 2 hours to Centerville, Iowa.


My Grandma is so funny, here were my favorite things she said:

“I hate the new headlights on cars these days, I really think the State Troopers should pull them over and just shoot out their lights and then give them a ticket!”

“When I am driving your Grandpa will say ‘how fast are you going?!’ When he’s driving I will say how slow are you going?!”

“I wish they’d just get rid of the internet. Did I say that right? Do they call it that still?”

“When you get to be my age, you don’t like to drive at night (starts laughing) and the rest of the people probably appreciate that!”

“Ryan, if you get pulled over for speeding just tell the State Trooper that you are taking your poor Grandma to the hospital and then I will act hurt” (she pretends to pass out for added fun)

I am so lucky to have her around!