Quick thoughts on working remote

I am working remote today.

Some things I enjoy about the option to work remote:

  1. Focused work. I talk a ton at work and get side tracked with all my friends there either stopping by my desk or going to them.
  2. Coffee. I can use all the coffee options I have at my house.
  3. Plants. I have a couple plants at my setup at home, I’ve tried having them at work but they always seem to die 😦
  4. Not rushed. This morning I still did my morning routine, but also met a friend for coffee. Since I didn’t have to be in the office, I didn’t have to rush taking a shower to make it on time to get coffee, I was able to do that later in the morning when I had a break from work.
  5. Music. I can play songs on my Echo, currently enjoying the band Anchor Worship
  6. Food. I am able to make my lunch without having it get cold. I just made this #nom sandwich of chicken, tomato, avocado and egg.


It doesn’t take a lot to keep me happy. Thankful for this day to work remote.





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