I’ve become a morning person (again)

I’ve done it before, but recently I am back to being a morning person and it’s been great for me. It all started at the beginning of the month, I read The Miracle Morning and decided I’d go nuts and wake up at 5 in the morning the next day and haven’t stopped waking up early since.

My current schedule is the same, but it prepares me for the rest of my day:

  • Get out of bed about 5:01 am and tell Alexa to stop my alarm.
  • Head to the bathroom and drink a big glass of water and brush my teeth.
  • Head back to my room and sit in my chair with a blanket and open up Echo Prayer app on my phone to do 20 minutes of prayer for myself and others. (Recently the guys from my group have been using Echo prayer’s group feature, which has been awesome to get notified that so and so just prayed for you)
  • Get out my journal and journal about the previous day.
  • Read my One Year Bible Plan for the day, taking notes in my journal.
  • Finish journaling with 3 things I am thankful for.
  • Share some of my notes from my Bible reading and then 3 things I’m thankful for with a friend in our shared note that we use on Dropbox Paper.
  • Depending on the day:
    • I will either read a chapter or 2 from a book or
    • Do my Salesforce training

That’s pretty much it. It takes about 2 or so hours, but they seem to go by quick!

Today one of the benefits from waking up early is that the other day when a friend asked to meet up for coffee at 6:40 in the morning, I was able to say yes without really thinking about it, because I knew I would have already been awake almost 2 hours. If he would have asked a month ago, I would have said NOPE, because I knew I would have wanted to sleep.

It’s been awesome to see how something as simple as being disciplined to wake up a little bit earlier to spend some time with the Lord and work on some self-development (if that’s the right word) in the morning have made a huge impact on the rest of my day.

Another perk of being out and about early is getting to see the sunrise, this photo wasn’t the best shot, but I like it because I enjoy getting coffee on this street at a little gem of a place called, Zanzibar’s Coffee Adventure (Whoever thought of that name is the best).


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