I got rid of social media (kind of)

I’ve deleted my social medias no less than 6 times in the past, but I always come back. For 2018, I wanted to spend less time on the social media so that I can focus more on my word of the year. In order to do that, I have decided not to post anything. No photos, tweets, updates, whatever else you can do on social media. And because the biggest (for me) time waster is telling myself i’m just going to go on for a second and then it’s 2 days later and I have no idea where I am at, I unfollowed all people on fb and twitter. Now, I still have them as friends, it’s just that when out of habit I go to twitter.com or fb.com, I see nothing and so I leave.

This is my facebook:


and my twitter


I’m in a Team RWB chapter here in Des Moines, so I couldn’t just delete my account (and let’s be honest I will be back one day, so I shouldn’t delete my account… again) because I have to post about events we are doing in our facebook group. On twitter, that is still the best way to get help from businesses and so I didn’t want to delete that account either.

I will say, it is a habit that I’m slowly breaking to not just go to twitter or facebook when I’m on my mac or my phone, but now that I am not following anybody or any businesses and I see the blank timeline – after 10 or so days, I am doing it about 400x less.

For snapchat, I still go on about once a week, because I’ve never really had issues getting “blacked out” on it. Also wordpress isn’t social media is it? I don’t feel like I would consider this a social media, would you?


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